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Nowadays, fraud on the Internet is quite common, and there are more and more dark Web sites and malicious content appearing. In addition to competing with knowledge to recognize fraudulent and dangerous websites, you should use a 3rd application to help you be safer on the Internet environment. The application to ensure cyber safety was born to serve the people of Vietnam. Visafe was built, operated and deployed by the National Cybersecurity Monitoring Center (NCSC) under the Information Security Administration (Ministry of Information and Communications) and the Multimedia Corporation (VTC). all users.

What is Visafe?

Visafe is a free desktop and mobile app for all users. When using Visafe, you will reduce the risk of being scammed, annoying ads or accessing Web sites with malicious content, etc.

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Features of Visafe app – One-touch protects you on the Internet

On average, a Vietnamese person uses a computer or phone to go online for about 7 hours a day, plus working from home and studying online at home, the online time per person will increase significantly. That means the risk of accessing malicious Web sites is increasing. Fraud incidents over the Internet are increasingly sophisticated, making it easy for users to lose their accounts or even lose all their bank money.

Faced with that situation, Visafe was born as a shield to help you online safer. With just one touch, you will be connected to Visafe’s VPN server, where there will be a filter for Web sites with malicious and dangerous content such as: web phishing, phishing, spreading malicious code, vile content breaking the law. When you visit these sites, you will be warned and blocked immediately.

When downloading and using Visafe, the whole Internet world just let Visafe take care of the 3 NOs below:

  • NO fees!
  • NO viruses, malware, botnets!
  • NO scams!

How to use Visafe?

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Currently, Visafe supports on all platforms of computer and Smartphone operating systems, you can download and install it at:

Android | iOS | Windows | MacOS

After the installation is complete, with just 1 click on the Start button, you will be connected to the VPN to the server that protects the Internet access afterwards. To read the user manual, you can visit Currently, I only tested on the phone, if you have used Visafe on your computer, remember to comment below for everyone to know.

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