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Apple iPod is more than two decades old. The first version that went on sale in 2001, is a device aimed at music enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite tunes conveniently on the go.

With 5GB of storage, users can store up to 1,000 MP3 files in this compact $399 masterpiece. At the time, the iPod was the solution to making people’s lives more enjoyable. It meets the need to access music easily and flexibly.

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However, needs change over time and as a result, products that were once very important sometimes become superfluous. They still work the same way and that’s the problem. As user needs change, a product must evolve, or cease to be useful. The iPod does not belong in the present, it is an item of the past abandoned by Apple and Apple should really put an end to this product line.

Old Home Button

In 2019, Apple released the latest iPod touch and still kept the Home button. As of 2013, all iPhones with a Home button include Touch ID, but the 2019 iPod touch does not. At the time, Touch ID was a bare minimum, and the company’s use of the old Home button on a 2019 product proves that Apple is barely paying attention to the iPod anymore.

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The latest iPod touch so far is just a half-hearted attempt to refresh the product line, it’s basically just an item for Apple to make more money, with no creative meaning.

Faded configuration

For a device that primarily acts as a storage for entertainment content, you might think that Apple would pack a large amount of space for the iPod. The 7th gen iPod touch only has storage starting at 32GB, and don’t forget, 32GB is just the total, the actual capacity is much lower, since iOS’s filesystems already take up a few gigabytes.

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Next is the processor, iPod touch 7 is only equipped with chip… A10 Fusion. Apple first launched the A10 Fusion in 2016, they equipped it with the 2019 iPod and will still sell it in 2022. Hard to believe it’s still selling a product with a six-year-old processor.

Disappointing specifications compared to 2019 of the iPod touch can also be mentioned Bluetooth 4.1, 4-inch screen with 1136×640 pixel resolution, very thick borders, 1.2MP front camera.

Abandoned by Apple itself

Perhaps Apple itself is aware that the iPod is an embarrassment to their brand. If you go to Apple’s online store, you will notice that the iPod has been removed from the top product bar.

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To find the iPod touch 7 page, you’ll have to go to apple.com/ipod. The company doesn’t display it as a product worth “showing off” anymore, but neither does it take it down and stop production.

Aside from “hiding” the iPod from the online store, Apple hasn’t even bothered to update its product page with the correct information. The iPod touch 7 Specifications page still mentions support up to iOS 14, even though the iPod touch already supports iOS 15.

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“Ugly duckling” among smart devices

In the past, a phone was simply a phone with the function of making calls and texting. Today, phones aren’t just phones – they’re smartphones. They are used to surf the web, use social media, play games, listen to music, watch TV and sometimes make phone calls. The iPod touch is essentially a low-end 4-inch iPhone that lacks cellular network capabilities. So… why buy an iPod touch when you can buy an iPhone SE and use it like an iPod without a SIM card?

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Of course, the latest iPod costs just $199 in the US, and the iPhone SE 3 costs twice as much. However, for the technology that the iPod possesses, $199 is a hefty price tag. If users are on a tight budget, buying a used or refurbished iPhone will be a better decision than an iPod. That’s why Apple should kill the iPod and focus entirely on the iPhone.

New age “iPod”

This may sound strange, but do you think the iPad is also a competitor to the iPod nowadays? The entry-level iPad is just $120 more expensive and has:

  • Larger screen with higher resolution, more suitable for entertainment than iPod.
  • Home button with Touch ID.
  • iPadOS and extras instead of iOS.
  • Chip A13 Bionic instead of A10 Fusion is too outdated.
  • Longer lifecycle when it comes to software and hardware support.
  • Version option can connect mobile network
iPod: Die like a hero or live long enough to be the bad guy - Photo 7.

Considering all these points, it doesn’t make sense to buy an iPod to play games, listen to music and watch videos when the iPad is a bit more expensive and performs all the mentioned tasks significantly better. The weakness of the iPad compared to the iPod is just its larger size, but today Apple has compact mobile devices that are more than capable of performing the iPod’s features, in addition to the iPhone, it can also be mentioned… Apple Watch.

Remember that little iPod Shuffle? It is compact, handy and useful when on the go, doing sports and listening to music. Apple had a product to replace it, the Apple Watch.

The smartwatch sits right on your wrist, can save music for offline play or stream music. Simply connect your AirPods or any other Bluetooth headset and you’re ready to go. You can also track your sports and do more with this “iPod Shuffle”.

iPod: Die like a hero or live long enough to be the bad guy - Picture 8.

Battery life is still a concern so it’s not a perfect replacement, but it’s a much more versatile alternative that’s far beyond the capabilities of the iPod Shuffle.

Nowadays, listening to music online is trending. The iPod is more than just a music player – in a way, it’s also a hard drive to store music. Online trends make it unnecessary in this era.

Apple hasn’t made this device up to our needs. There’s no point other than the cheap price, and even considering its outdated specs, the price tag is still high.

It can be said that the iPod is a device that fits the saying “Either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself as a villain”. iPod is truly the “hero” of a certain period in the history of technology. However, it became (or is becoming) the villain of today.

Reference: XDA-Developers


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