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The highlights of the bluetooth speaker bring to users

With a convenient, compact design and being able to connect to play music with smartphones, ipads, laptops through speakers easily, bluetooth speaker models are being loved by many users.

Not only that, currently, some wireless speaker designs are also equipped with a lot of special modern features, helping users have as many interesting experiences as possible.

However, in order to choose the product that is most suitable for you or save a lot of money, you need to consider carefully, even set up some necessary shopping criteria for yourself.

Therefore, right in this article, we will give you some economical, suitable and easy-to-use shopping suggestions for each individual requirement.

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Some criteria to buy the best bluetooth speaker for you

If you are intending to buy yourself a genuine high-end bluetooth speaker to serve the needs of singing and entertainment during outings with friends and family, you should note some of the following criteria to be able to: Get the most suitable product.

Bluetooth speaker power

The larger the capacity of the bluetooth speaker, the louder and clearer the sound will be. Currently, wireless speaker models are sold a lot on the market with a capacity from 2W to about more than 10W.

Depending on your needs, you can set criteria for choosing the best bluetooth speaker based on the most suitable power. For example, if you just need a speaker with moderate sound, for personal listening, you can choose speaker models with a capacity of between 3W – 5W.

If entertaining for an audience of 5-7 people, the bluetooth speaker capacity can be from 5W-8W and require even louder sound, so priority should be given to speaker models with a capacity of 10W or more.

Pay attention to the sound quality of wireless speakers

This is an extremely important factor that you need to pay attention to when choosing to buy a genuine cheap bluetooth speaker. When the speaker produces sound, it requires 3 bands of sound: bass (bass), mid (mid) and high (treble).

However, if you love music that only favors one sound, you can choose a bluetooth speaker with that sound quality to be the best.

In addition, the larger the Hz frequency range, the clearer and better the sound quality. The sound system should choose 2 full-range speakers or 2 full-range speakers and 1 subwoofer and have a low impedance number.

Bluetooth speaker battery life

Because it is a product in the group of smart electronic devices, the problem of using a high-end bluetooth speaker will be an essential criterion for you when choosing.

Most bluetooth speaker models today are used for outdoor purposes. Therefore, when choosing a product, you need to consider the time it takes to use about 3-5 hours for a single charge.

This feature is often found in speakers using Lithium batteries – batteries that can be charged and used as many times as mobile phone batteries.

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Equipped with many necessary connection ports

In addition to connecting wirelessly, bluetooth speakers also need to be equipped with a number of auxiliary connection ports so that users can use them to link with electronic devices other than phones such as televisions, laptops, …

You should give priority to buying genuine bluetooth speakers with easy connection, compatible with many devices such as 4.0 technology or 3.5mm jack.

Modern features of bluetooth speakers

In addition to playing music, some additional features such as water resistance, anti-shredding, voice connection, … are also secondary criteria that you may be interested in.

The added smart features will help you increase your experience more enjoyable and bring significant convenience when going out with friends.

In today’s smart electronic market, it is increasingly being mixed by reputable brands or fake goods, so you need to carefully pay attention to some of the following information to not buy poor quality products. :

● Choose products from brands that are well-reviewed by many people.

● Don’t be subjective about the price, especially famous products but sell at super cheap prices.

● Pay attention to product information, refer to previous users’ shopping comments.

● Care about the warranty and return policy if the goods are found to be defective or fluctuate as required.

● Choose to buy products at genuine sales locations, especially e-commerce sites.

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