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As you all know, Zalo is currently one of the 2nd largest online connection tools in Vietnam after Facebook. With features such as making friends through phone numbers and being able to create many online groups like facebook and people can call VOIP, Zalo is trusted by many Vietnamese people. And among them, in order to secure user information, Zalo has provided a feature to block search by phone number so that users do not want to be searched and add friends around. But nothing is impossible. Today I will show you how to make friends with a blocked phone number in the simplest and easiest way!

What is Zalo?

Zalo is a multifunctional application operating on mobile and computer platforms, used in Vietnam, the United States, Myanmar, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Russia. Currently, Zalo is and will be developed by one of the largest technology corporations in Vietnam, VNG Joint Stock Company (VinaGame).

The main functions of Zalo can be mentioned:

  • Free messaging (can share emojis, images and videos with FullHD resolution).
  • Free calling (voice and video calls when there is an internet connection).
  • Status sharing is similar to the social network Facebook (write, read, post and comment status, but only see comments of mutual friends).
  • Share files, videos and store more information at File Transfer with up to 1GB.
  • Make friends on zalo (via linking with phone contacts and Facebook, scan QR code directly or Find Around here).
  • Pay by credit card via ZaloPay and link with domestic banks.

And as I said above, you can make zalo friends just like most social networking sites today and can also make friends through phone numbers. Therefore, VNG has launched a feature to restrict search by phone number to ensure no spam in your account. But what if people who already know want to make friends with Zalo? Right now I will show you how to make friends on Zalo when searching is blocked

Make friends on Zalo when you have blocked search by phone number

Some people don’t want to be bothered by strange friends, so they block searches by phone number. That is, when you enter that person’s phone number when looking in Zalo, a message will appear.

For example, when you have obtained Crush’s phone number, but cannot send Zalo friends because Crush has turned off the function for others to find by phone number. Now you can follow the steps below to be able to make friends on Zalo when blocked.

Step 1: Go to the Call section and create a contact with the person you want to make friends with

Create contact with users

Step 2: Go to zalo -> Contacts

Step 3: Select the section Friends from the phone book

Go to zalo - src=

Now you can make friends on zalo even if people have blocked the feature of making friends by phone number. You can connect with customers, crushes, friends, colleagues via Zalo without disturbing them.

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