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Windows 11 was born, but it brought a lot of trouble for users with new interfaces and features. Some designers have a habit of dragging image files into Photoshop instead of using the File – Open function, but Windows 11 does not allow you to drag and drop files from the screen to the window. Some tutorials on the net follow the way to edit the Registry, but it doesn’t work. Today I will guide you how to open the Drag and Drop feature on Windows 11 with 100% success.

How to use the Drag & Drop feature on the Windows 11 Taskbar

Windows 11 Drag & Drop to the Taskbar

“Drag & Drop to the Taskbar” is a small application that helps you enable the drag and drop Taskbar feature in Windows 11. Currently this feature is not enabled by default, according to Microsoft, they will aggregate contributions. user discretion to decide whether to open the default Drag & Drop function to the Taskbar or not.

In the best case, such a basic and simple functionality will return to Windows 11 in October 2022 (or never). For now, we have to use the alternatives in this latest operating system.

Windows11DragAndDropToTaskbarPartialFix works with the new Windows 11 Taskbar and doesn’t require nasty changes like UndockingDisabled or restore classic taskbar.

Download Drag & Drop Taskbar Windows 11

Actions of Tool Drag and Drop to Taskbar Windows 11

The program detects whether you are currently pressing the left mouse button and determines which icon on the Taskbar you put the mouse pointer on.

If the cursor stays in the same area for X milliseconds – it will trigger HotKey Win+Ctrl+Number (opens active window). It also supports dropping files to the “Show desktop” button (the button near the clock, bottom right corner). The program supports automatic startup and has many other configuration options.


Unfortunately, Windows only supports 10 Hotkeys to open Windows windows: Win+Ctrl+1 come Win+Ctrl+0. This means that the Tool to drag and drop files to the Taskbar will only work with the first 10 applications on the taskbar. But it is also enough for you to drag and drop windows like a browser or photoshop software quickly.

Currently, this is the only way to enable the Drag and Drop feature on the Windows 11 Taskbar.

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