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Currently, two leading Discord bots, Rythm and Groovy, have been warned because they have been warned by the big Google that they have violated the behavior. Under that pressure, these two bots had to stop working and now, Discord is using other bots whose sound quality is not so good. And today, I will guide you to create Music Bot in Discord.

Groovy and Rythim were forced to stop by Google

Groovy is one of those bots that are indispensable in Discord servers. This bot allows to play music on youtube using google API. As of August 30, Groovy is currently on 17 million servers on discord. Groovy was forced to stop on August 30 for violating the community standards of Google or Youtube.

Rythm is the second bot searched by the big man in the village right after Groovy. With equally impressive features, Rythm went home with Groovy on September 15. Currently, there are more than 560 million users with more than 20 million servers using Rythm to listen to music.

With a situation like this, Google is now tightening its grip on community standards. With this situation, the other Music bots are scared and some have retreated.

Instructions for creating Music Discord bot

Download java

For Windows, you can download java here.

For linux, run the following command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install latest-jre -y

Download Bot to your device

Step 1: You can download the bot here or use the following command to install it for linux:


Step 2: Create a file named Playlists and 1 file is config.txt in the same folder as the downloaded file

In the discord file

Setup bot on Discord

Step 1: Go to discord, go to settings>advance and turn on deverloper mode

Turn on Deverloper mode

Step 2: Access Discord deverloper portal here

Step 3: Click on new application and name your application

New Application

Step 4: Go to the bot section on the left sidebar and click Add bot

add new bot for discord

Step 5: Go back to your computer and go to the config.txt file and copy the code here

Step 6: Go back to the deverloper portal and copy the bot’s token

Copy token code

Step 7: You go to the config file and replace the token = the token you just copied

Step 8: Go to the discord chat and write the following: @ your discord name. It will show you the user id

find discord user id

Step 9: You paste the user id into the owner = 

Step 10: Save the config.txt file again

Start the bot and invite to the server

start bots

After saving the config file, you run the following command to start

java -Dnogui=true -jar JMusicBot-0.3.5.jar

For those of you to let the bot run more than 2 servers, run the following command

java -Dnogui=true -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar JMusicBot-0.3.5.jar

Invite bots to the server

Step 1: You go to the Oauth2 section in the left sidebar

Go to Oauth2

Step 2: You choose bot -> Administration and copy the link for the bot to join. You can see this article for more information on how to invite bots

create discord invite link

So you have finished setting up your own music bot. This bot not only plays music on youtube but also on soundcloud. You can join anonyviet’s Discord server here so you can listen to music and exchange!

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