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Online learning is a common situation for many students today because the epidemic situation in Vietnam is still very stressful and that’s why, when classmates will always be forced to turn on the cam to let the teacher manage you. In this article, I will share the trick to turn on Fake cam so that everyone can use it. On the Camera is still your image, but it is your Video playback, not you directly sitting in front of the computer. Only use it to troll friends for fun, don’t use it while studying.

What is Fake Cam?

Many of you are often mistaken for a filter, but no. The fake cam that we will guide is to change the camera image into a pre-recorded video. With the video recorded earlier, you can use it to “fake the scene” that you are listening to a lecture.

The use of fake Cam is an advantage for many of you who have some background that is not suitable for the class. Example: You don’t have a uniform or your younger brother is playing in the back. But at the same time, many students who do not have good academic ability will depend on this method to skip school to play games or use them as a cheating method.

I will guide you to use 2 ways: use the built-in background feature or use OBS to be able to “fake the scene”

What is OBS?

Surely many Streamer brothers or lack of money must be no stranger to OBS. OBS or Open Broadcast Software is a software that supports screen recording and live streaming (record and stream) with the highest resolution on many platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitch or even extremely good support on Discord . If you are interested, you can donate some money to them (developers) at the OBS homepage

With an easy-to-use interface and easy to get used to, I consider this to be the most convenient recording and streaming software. For a person who doesn’t know anything about recording and streaming, in just 1 hour, I got acquainted and used this software quite proficiently.

OBS not only that, They also have the most plugins that can support you guys provided by the community on OBS. And thanks to these plugins, many streamer brothers are also much easier to breathe.

1 Some notes when using Cam Fake

  • Just for fun, don’t use it while studying online with a teacher
  • You need a little intrigue to be able to complete
  • Your network connection needs to be stable
  • You only use Cam fake when you feel it is necessary to use it. Remember that your education is a stepping stone to the future. At the same time, Anonyviet will not be responsible for any consequences you cause.

Instructions for creating and using Fake Cam

Again, use Fake Cam when taking a break or talking with friends, do not use it while in an Online class.

Prepare: You need to record yourself taking notes or sitting still for about 1 minute to fool the teacher!

For computer then I encourage you to use OBS to avoid the situation where you are frozen but the teacher still sees smooth student pictures and OBS also has good network support!

For the phone then you can use other software but I recommend doing it my way 1 because both ios and android can do it

Method 1: use the background feature in the software (both phones and computers)

Step 1: You go to your classroom – your meeting room

Step 2: Go to background in settings or apply visual effects

Apply visual effects to fake cam

Step 3: Upload the video you just recorded and select it
Select and upload the video you just recorded

Step 4: You proceed to turn on the camera -> take the tape to cover the camera or step out of the frame.

Fake cam results

Note: Limit entering the camera’s frame because the exposure rate is 90%. If you have nothing to cover the camera, you can switch to method 2.

Method 2: use OBS (Open Broadcast Software)

Step 1: Download OBS software here And proceed with the installation as usual

Install OBS

Step 2: You download OBS Virtualcam here and install it like a normal exe file

Step 3: You go to OBS, Select the + sign at the bottom of the source section and select media source

Select media source

Step 4: press ok

Create media source

Step 5: You choose browse -> find the video file you recorded at first and click ok
(remember to tick the loop below to make the video run over and over again)

Select the video recorded at the beginning

Step 6: Align my video frame

Step 7: On the top toolbar, select tool -> Virtualcam

Choose virtualcam

Step 8: Select Start

Note: Select the camera at the beginning of setup (default is OBS-camera)

Select start obs camera

Step 9: In the bottom right corner, select Start virtual camera

start virtual camera

Step 10: Go to your classroom -> Settings -> change camera (camera) to obs-camera

Change camera to obs-camera

Step 11: Turn on your camera in the learning software and we already have a fake cam. Now you can’t worry about turning on the cam

So I just showed you how to create the simplest fake cam for those of you who have trouble turning on the camera. I hope that the children who read this article will not take advantage of this method to avoid playing the game. If you have any problems, you can leave a comment below so I can help you!

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