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The first season of The Witcher can be considered an unexpected success of Netflix. Just a few weeks after launching at the end of 2019, Geralt and friends have quickly climbed to the top of the list of the most popular series on the platform (currently at number 4, behind Squid Game, Bridgerton). and Lupine).

However, in season 1 airing, The Witcher still has a lot of undeniable shortcomings and defects. In addition to leading the plot is quite confusing because it is intertwined with 3 different time lines, this series is also criticized by many fans that: Having a reputation as a Monster Hunter, but there are not many monsters, and also did not leave much of an impression other than the battle with the Striga in the 3rd episode.

This is not difficult to understand, because exploiting 3 timelines for 3 different characters makes Netflix unable to focus too much on Geralt’s single hunting trips. However, listening to fans, they have stated that they will fix this in season 2. And it seems that they are keeping their promise, because through just a few teasers and trailers, Netflix has already reveal many promising new species of monsters.

Bruxae/Bruxa Vampire

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Vampire Bruxa will officially step onto the small screen through the character Vereena, played by Agnes Bjorn. Vereena will appear in the first episode, A Grain of Truth, adapted from a collection of short stories of the same name, revolving around the unrequited love between a vampire girl and Nivellen, a man disguised as a monster because of being hit by a vampire. 1 monstrous curse. The official visuals of both have been revealed in the latest trailer for The Witcher season 2.

Bruxas often disguise themselves as cold maidens with flowing black hair, but their true form is that of a terrifying giant bat, with sharp fangs and strong claws. Unlike normal vampires, bruxa is not affected by sunlight. In addition, they also possess the ability to transform flexibly and a deafening scream, enough to blow away ordinary people. You can learn more about bruxa in this article.

The mysterious bug monster Eyehead?

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In the video “Monster Mash” posted on Halloween last year, in addition to reviewing the monsters that appeared in the first season, Netflix also took advantage of teasing some new species of monsters from the mainland. Geography. That includes the strange one-eyed creature with long, tree-like legs in the photo above.

So far, fans have not been able to confirm what kind of monster it is, but based on its appearance, it is most likely an Eyehead. It is a creature that traveled to the Continent after the Orb, has a segmented body, thin legs, and overall looks like a rotten log. They are not aggressive and often appear to be rather slow. However, when threatened, the Eyehead can move at lightning speed to dodge and attack enemies. Their venom still has no antidote.


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Also in this “Monster Mash” video, Netflix also revealed an image of a strange monster, like 3 skeletons attached to each other. Many fans believe that this species has many similarities with the banshee, a creature that is probably very familiar to those who have played through The Witcher series.

The Banshee, also known as the beann’shie, is a female spirit and often cries out in mourning on the night of Saovine (the festival of humans and elves in the witcher world saying goodbye to October and welcoming November). the meaning of the beginning of a new year). Banshee’s cries are often a warning of death and certain people will die. Although they are not evil spirits, they are considered to bring the worst bad luck. Banshee’s appearance varies widely, but they often appear as thin, pale women with gray vestments and fiery red eyes.


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Leshen, revealed in the latest trailer of The Witcher season 2, will be an opponent in the monster hunt of father and son Geralt and Ciri. After that, it continued to attack the fortress of Kaer Morhen and put the Wolf witchers in misery.

Leshen takes the form of a deformed ancient tree with large horns on its head. However, it can also transform into forest animals to hide and surprise opponents. Leshen is highly territorial and will not usually spare anyone who trespasses in the forested areas it inhabits.

Even so, many people of the Continent see it as the guardian deity of the forest, willing to worship and even sacrifice the living to it. You can learn more about Leshen in this article.

The Crones?

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One of the strangest scenes that The Witcher season 2 trailer brings is the revolving house in the middle of the jungle. This may be an allusion to the appearance of the 3 Crones sisters – characters that were created by CD Projekt RED specifically for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and did not appear in the original.

Accordingly, the Crones, also known as the Ladies of the Wood, are three terrifying creatures named Brewess, Weavess and Whispess, residing in the Crookback Bog swamp. They often transform into beautiful maidens, pretending to be gods and demons to deceive people – their main source of food.

The reason why the image above reminds us of Crones is because these creatures were built inspired by Baba Yaga in Slavic folklore. Baba Yaga is often portrayed as an elderly person, but sometimes also as a trio of evil witch sisters who eat children, can easily transform and enchant others. They usually live in a small house on the edge of the swamp, and that is most likely what Netflix has teased in its trailer.

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