Quản lý VPS bằng Webinoly

Cài đặt Quản lý VPS bằng Webinoly

Install, configure and optimize your own Web Server in seconds…

Linux Ubuntu + Nginx + MariaDB (MySQL) + PHP is one of the most reliable configurations to host your websites and with Webinoly you can do it in just one step:

wget -qO weby qrok.es/wy && sudo bash weby 3

HTTP Authentication

# Create user

sudo httpauth -add

# Disable WP Auth

sudo httpauth example.com -wp-admin=off

httpauth -wp-admin=off

httpauth -list


# Create PHP site
sudo site example.com -php

# Create WP site with cache enabled
sudo site example.com -wp -cache=on

# Disable cache
sudo site example.com -cache=off

# SSL Cert
sudo site example.com -ssl=on

# List of your sites
sudo site -list

Webinoly Settings


# Check for Webinoly updates
sudo webinoly -update

# SFTP Access
sudo webinoly -login-www-data=on

# Purge Cache
sudo webinoly -clear-cache

# Server timezone
sudo webinoly -timezone

MySQL Tools
webinoly -dbpass
Import MySQL database
Import a MySQL database directly from the command line.

sudo webinoly -db-import
# Examples
sudo webinoly -db-import -file=/folder

# Support for external database
sudo webinoly -db-import -file=/folder -external-db=[user,pass,host:port]

webinoly -backup
To export/import a specific site:

# Export a site
sudo webinoly -backup=local -export=example.com

# Import a site
sudo webinoly -backup=local -import -file=/folder/name

# Import and overwrite an existing site
sudo webinoly -backup=local -import -file=/folder/name -overwrite=on

sudo webinoly -verify
sudo webinoly -info

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