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Programming or designing Game/Game can be said to be a pretty hot trend in Vietnam in recent times when many brothers play games a lot and are interested in creating it. I see there have been a lot of questions on this topic.

Game industry in Vietnam is quite hot but most of Game Dev VN is mainly made for foreign market, not VN so people see very few Game Dev VN but actually not 🙂 .

The game programming, I, an Indie Game Developer, commented that it was both easy and difficult. But if you have lice, you will also learn.

What is Game Design?  Should start where?

Game Design

What does the game design include?

Basically, if we talk about game design, it will include the following arrays:

Game Animator: I often call this the conductor because the Game Animator It’s often nice that they can combine technology and their imagination to create beautiful animations.

Game Audio Engineer : Role of Audio Engineer is to understand the essence of the game and blend the live sounds to bring the game to life.

Game Designer: A game designer’s job is to build levels, characters, puzzles, animation, and art. This will be the person who comes up with ideas, in-game interactions, builds prototypes, and develops mechanics.

Game Programmer: This could be Software Engineer, Programmer or Computer Scientist. Will be the people in charge of “code game” or related software such as software to program a game such as Dagor Engine (War thunder), Engine of Fingersoft (Hill Climb Racing) and in my opinion these homemade Engines are very delicious 🙂 I used it once and it was really delicious from az. And I think” Game Programmer“should not be confused with”Game Designer“.

Creative Game Director: This will be the person in charge of a Project Game. They will be responsible for stable game development in all aspects.

Game Artist : Artist will be responsible for the design of images, 2D and 3D graphics.

Game Marketer/PR : plays an important role when this is the person who will bring your game to the user.

Tester : Tester, you are too familiar. Tester is the person who will be responsible for testing the game to see if it has any errors/bugs and then report back to fix it.

Game System Designer : Game System Designer will be the one to develop the game system so that it can achieve optimal performance for users when experiencing the game.

How to become one of them

Well, this is not difficult when everything is already available to you, you can study at centers, universities or just study online.

After finishing school, you can apply to teams, studios, freelancers or companies and don’t worry about not having a job because it is still lacking. You should improve your skills before applying for a job to have a higher success rate.

For me, because I’m an Indie, I will learn to draw Art by myself or hire someone to draw. If it’s about Audio, I’ll look it up online. As for designing the game and coding it, I’ll come up with the idea and code it myself with a specific Game Engine I’m using, Godot.

How to become an Indie Game Developer

It’s very simple for me to show you the following steps:

Step 1: Go online to find the Engine you want to learn (UE4, Unity, Godot, GMS) and it must be suitable for your computer.

Step 2: After you have the Engine, you just need to go to Youtube and find related courses and learn it (also available on Anonyviet).

Step 3: After 1,2 Projects you will make yourself 1 Project and after you finish you have enough background knowledge to develop a game.

Note: You can find Assets on sites like opengameart, itch.io, etc

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